“By understanding how to recite correctly and beautifully, we can help children unlock a lifelong love of the Qur’an .”

–Ishaq Patel, Founder of My Quran Buddy

Ishaq Patel was born and raised in the United Kingdom alongside three brothers and one sister.  He grew up learning Qur’an from a young age, but his passion for it grew deeper after performing Umrah in the 1990s.

Hearing the voice of Meccan muezzin Shaykh Ali Mullah set Ishaq on a path to master proper recitation of the Qur’an. Ultimately, he studied Quranic tajweed and recitation under Qari Muhammed Rafiq, who studied under the renowned Qari Abdul Basit Abdus Samad.

Ishaq graduated with honors from Manchester Metropolitan University, during which time he studied Dental Technology as well as gained exposure to the disciplines of speech development. Ishaq’s experience also includes volunteer work observing Speech Pathologists who treated stroke and trauma patients in a hospital setting. This lead him to charity work in which he assisted elderly aphasia victims in speech development.

Ishaq’s unique combination of knowledge in Quranic tajweed and speech therapy embodies the foundation of his teaching method.

He applies the science of speech development to help children understand the unique qualities of each Arabic letter and where they originate in the mouth (the “makhraaj”).  What’s more, he does so with enthusiasm and a sense of humor that any 8-year-old would appreciate!

This attachment to Allah’s sacred words also encourages inward development insha’Allah, and nurtures confidence and self-fulfillment within the child.

Ishaq currently resides in Doha, Qatar with his wife and two sons and currently conducts live online lessons to students all over the world.


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